Additional Software (included)

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    DevEMU Client Editor *

    Game Client Setting Control.

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    DevEMU Editor *

    Complex Server Control

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    DevEMU Website *

    Suitable Website For Our Emulator.

The DevEMU Server Suite is a flexible, fully featured server, supported by set of apps for building greatly prosperous Private Server loved by community. Make it easy & full of joy like never before.

Build Awesome Game Server


Season 18. Part 1-1


Version Season 18. Part 1-1
Main Version 1.20.00
Protocol KOR
Emulator DevEMU
Free Updates
Periodic Updates
Free installation
License Management
Support Scripts to Extend Features Yes, LUA Language
Passive anti-hacker
Potion cooldown
Combo cooldown
Character Maximum Speed Settings
Maximum Game Latency Settings
Log System
General Systems (In-Game)
3D Camera
HD Resolution
Account Level
Reset System
Master Reset System
Reconnection System
Widescreen Resolution
Unlimited Agility
Unlimited Values on Screen
Periodic Item System
Experience Table
Reset Table
Monster Health Bar
Duel Announce
Automatic Notices
Multi Warehouse
Max Monster 14000
Map Management
Game Master Management
Message System
Game Features
Event Inventory
Extended Warehouse
Extended Inventory
Mu Helper
Mu Rummy Mini-Game
Coin: WCoin(C)
Coin: Goblin Point
Coin: Ruud
Gremory Case
Buy Item Back System
In Game Shop Cash Shop
Character Class (In-Game)
Dark Wizard
Dark Knight
Fairy Elf
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord
Rage Fighter
Grow Lancer
Rune Wizard
Gun Crasher
Kundun Memphis
Illusion Knight
Account Settings
Master Experience
Event Experience
Quest Experience
Jewel Success Rate
Item Drop Rate
Chaos Mix Rates
Other Settings
Custom Items Support
Item Limit up to 512 per section
Custom Jewels Support
Glow System
Item Option Management
Item Trade Management
Item Drop Management
Item Sell Management
Item Price Management
Define whether item can be traded or not
Define whether item can be sold to shop or not
Define whether item can be put in Personal Store
Define whether item can be be put into Warehouse
Define whether item can be repaired
Define whether item can be dropped-off to the ground
Control Stack-Over count of selected items
Harmony Items System
380 Level Items System
Lucky Items System
Gambling Lottery System
Chaos Card Master System
1st Mastery Equipment (Blood Angel)
2nd Mastery Equipment (Dark Angel)
3rd Mastery Equipment (Holy Angel)
4th Mastery Equipment (Awakening Soul)
5th Mastery Equipment (Blue Eye)
6th Mastery Equipment (Silver Heart)
7th Mastery Equipment (MantiCore)
8th Mastery Equipment (Brilliant)
Blessed Archangel Weapons
Extension of Seed Sphere levels (max 10, in future 20)
Extension of Socket Bonus Options
Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items
Sealed Blood Angel Items
Quivers (enhanced arrows)
Guardian Item System
Earring Items
Mastery Pentagrams & Errtels
Mastery Errtels Set Options
Renewed Item Upgrade UI
Events (In-Game)
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Castle Siege
Battle Soccer
Illusion Temple
Cherry Blossom
Santa Claus
Raklion Event
Loren Deep
Imperial Fortness
Double Goer
Golden Invasion
Rabbit Invasion
Christmas Invasion
Summer Invasion
New Year Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Arca War
Acheron Guardian
Lord Silvester
Core Magriffy
Lord of Ferea
Boss Battle
Custom Invasion System
Client Multiple Instance Settings
Game Settings Manager
Plugin System
VIP System Overview
Ability to define own VIP Types
Day and night rates system configuration
Experience settings (Regular / Master)
Drop settings (Regular / Excellent)
Minimum Monster Level to Gain Master Experience
Free up points per reset
Chaos Machine Rates settings
Regular Items Mix (level 10-15)
Enhanced Items Mix (level 10-15) ent
Socket Items Mix (level 10-15)
Pentagram Items Mix (level 10-15)
Wing Items Mix (First, Second, Third, Monster, Cape, Feather of Condor)
Chaos Box Mix Lost Items
Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Devil Square
Illusion Temple Classic
Illusion Temple Renewal
Tormented Square
Commands (In-Game)
Local and Global Server Message Commands
Offline Trading System Command
Offline Levelling System Command
In-Game Statistics Add Command
PK Clear Command
Multi-Warehouse Change Command
Marry System related Commands
Character Reset Command
Disconnect Friend Account (requires to know friend password)
Guild War related Commands
Inventory Clear Command
Event Inventory Clear Command
Account and Chat Ban/Unban Commands (GM Only)
In-Game Item Drop Command (GM only)
Gremory Case Item Add Command (GM Only)
Character Skin Change Command (GM Only)
Watch Specified Player Command (GM only)
Hide Command - making GM Invisible (GM only)
Player and Guild Move Commands (GM Only)
Disconnect Specified Player Command (GM only)
All Event related Command (GM Only)
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