Season 18

  • 500 Connections
  • $400.00 USDJoin Price
  • $40.00 USDMonthly Fee

If you have an idea, we make it come true!

- You can add unique and custom features to the game: our goal is that all our clients can achieve servers that stand out from the rest.

  • 3D Camera

    Adds extended functionality of 3D camera to game with features listed below.

  • Anti-Lag Client

    Adds anti-lag system which was developed for purpose of reducing.

    • Offline Levelling

      A powerful system allowing a player to stay exping while having his computer -off!

  • 1

    DevEMU Client Editor *

    Game Client Setting Control.

  • 2

    DevEMU Editor *

    Complex Server Control

  • 1

    DevEMU Website *

    Suitable Website For Our Emulator.

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