Terms of Service

All customers are subject to the following terms of service which ensure our responsibility to protect each customer and provide the best services available: .

1.1. DevEMU undertakes to provide the contracting party, hereinafter "CLIENT", only the Services indicated in the corresponding service request..
1.2. DevEMU will use all the means at its disposal to provide the Client with the highest quality Services. Each type of service provided by DevEMU has a service level commitment, detailed in the corresponding Specific Clauses.
1.3. DevEMU will make its best efforts to provide the Client with the Services on the agreed dates. DevEMU will not be responsible for delays or situations caused by force majeure or that are beyond its control.
1.4. The services provided by DevEMU may only be used for legal and lawful purposes under applicable laws.
1.5. DevEMU will not be responsible in the event that the CLIENT has connectivity problems at home or office and for this reason cannot access the contracted services..

2.1. Use the Services in accordance with current regulations and laws. In the event that the Services are used by third parties, it will be the Customer's sole responsibility to specify that said Services must be used in accordance with current regulations and laws.
2.1. Adjust your administrative and commercial processes to comply with the terms and conditions of the service.

3.1. DevEMU may modify its conditions with a new contract scheme at the end of the period covered by the last payment made as appropriate, which must be communicated to the client. The client will have a maximum period of 7 days to accept or reject the new conditions, which must be communicated to DevEMU in a reliable manner.
3.2. No commercial document, purchase order, sales order or conditions provided unilaterally by the client may override the contractual terms and conditions of DevEMU.

4.1. The payment of the services in advance, whether quarterly, semi-annual or annual (among others) does not admit any discount, nor the return of the money in the event that the CLIENT requests the cancellation of the service in advance.
4.2. Any remaining credit balance or advance payment can be exclusively used to cover services provided by the company.

5.1. Payments must be made until the due date indicated on the invoice. Once the expiration date has elapsed, the service may be suspended due to non-payment. DevEMU will notify the client repeatedly from its issuance to expiration by email to the email boxes registered at the time of service registration or updated at the explicit request of the CLIENT, being able to use other means available to communicate situations of a nature administrative.
5.2. If the CLIENT pays his obligations once his service is suspended, he must notify DevEMU indicating the payment information required to confirm it before the fundraising entities. Within a period of no more than 24 business hours after the payment is confirmed, DevEMU will enable the service again. Depending on the contracted service, there may be activation charges, which must be paid before the service is restored.
5.3. In case of not receiving the payment coupon, expiration notice or invoice on date, the CLIENT may request its early issuance. Non-receipt of the invoice, payment coupon or expiration notice does not exempt the CLIENT from paying on time.
5.4. The costs of the services offered by DevEMU are quoted in dollars. Also, DevEMU offers the possibility of paying in euros, Argentine pesos or Chilean pesos. The conversion will be made automatically by the system on the invoice generated 5 days before the due date.
5.5. Due to the devaluation of the currency suffered by some countries, the prices will be adjusted monthly to the price of the dollar.
5.6. The value of the dollar in Argentina will be taken directly from the "blue dollar" price. The quote will be updated daily from the web: https://www.dolarsi.com/
5.7. The customer can choose the payment method that suits him best. When paying the invoice, you will be able to select the method from a list of options.

6.1. A disabled account does not imply the cessation of payment of the amounts owed, and it will even be computed as active since the customer's data is kept intact.
6.2. The account will be permanently removed from our system once 365 days have elapsed since the deactivation of the last active service.
6.3. Webhosting, VPS servers and dedicated servers will be PERMANENTLY removed after 7 days from the suspension of the service.

7.1. The Client may not transfer this contract to a third party under any conditions.
7.2. Licenses purchased on DevEMU are linked to the account that made the purchase and cannot be transferred to another account under any condition.

8.1. DevEMU may terminate this contract at any time without the need to notify the CLIENT if the CLIENT breaches any of its obligations under this contract.

9.1. All notification between parties must be made in writing via E-Mail or ticket to the corresponding sector so that it is taken as valid at the time of being answered.

2.1. The CLIENT is responsible for making backup copies of their data. DevEMU is not responsible for data loss caused by interruptions that come from a drop in network connectivity, equipment failure, natural disasters or human error.

11.1. DevEMU is not responsible for the "partnership" type agreement that the client has with other people. For DevEMU, the one who has the ability to make orders and modifications to a service is exclusively the account holder. Each account belongs to a single client and, therefore, to a single holder. DevEMU is not responsible for problems arising from a partnership.